YBG International Leadership Program

What is the International Leadership Program by YBG?

The goal of our Program is to equip participants with the up-to-date, practical knowledge they need to set up and run an organization. The course approaches general management education from a leadership perspective, relevant to everyday managerial decision-making. The program has two pillars:

  • Pre-training: preparation e-learning courses about leadership and management
  • Summer University: a week-long course-week with functional training during the days, real life case study solving with the help of our trainers and social activities and programs in Budapest.

How does pre-training looks like?

During the first phase of the YBG Leadership Program, called “pre-training”, the participants will take e-learning courses. The materials provide the chance for you to build up the base knowledge for the Summer University. You can take courses in the topic of leadership and management you can meet the story of YBG. The online courses focus on the day-to-day activities of the student organizations. In addition, you are offered to participate in online ‘brainstorming’ sessions where former founders and student organization leaders will answer their questions.

How does the Summer University look like?

The other, larger-scale part of the YBG Leadership Program is a series of one-week courses in Budapest, the Summer University. The participants  spend a week in Budapest and attend training sessions on management topics during the day, followed by team-building activities during the night. The training is delivered by our qualified trainers who are specialists in their field and supported YBG’s student organizations’ leaders for years.

The training series, which is consciously structured throughout the week, starts with a Strategy course followed by training sessions for each functional unit (HR, Marketing, Customer Communication, Finance, Event Management). As our student organizations are project-based, the training concludes with a soft-skill focused Project Management training. Each training is built up to fulfill a comprehensive case study. Every day they are given a new part of the study in the topic the of the training. They can brainstorm together and discuss/ validate their ideas with the trainer. At the end of the program the final ideas will be presented to a jury of the top leaders of YBG.


Why join us?

Overall, this program is a great opportunity for You, if you are an ambitious student who is interested in:

  • Creating something extraordinary at your university
  • Being a founder of a student organization
  • becoming a leader in a young age
  • starting your own business
  • joining an international talent community

But what is the YBG Leadership Program?

YBG Leadership Program is a two-part training where founders can learn the skills needed to start and run a student organization through an online course and a full week of in-person training in Budapest.

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