The Budapest Investment Club was the first student organization at the Corvinus University of Budapest to focus mainly on capital market investments, and has now grown into an intellectual community of more than 100 students. Our mission is to provide education and network for students who are interested in the capital markets and the investment profession, helping them to launch their careers.

The knowledge needed to unravel the mysteries of the capital markets is available to our members through our 4-semester-long Talent Program. Built with the help of corporate and other professional feedback, the Talent Program aims to provide all our members with a comprehensive, practical and in-depth knowledge of the capital markets, the various instruments traded on the stock exchange, and the Hungarian legal environment. The program starts by laying the economic, macroeconomic and securities law foundations necessary to understand the capital markets, and over the course of four years, slowly builds up to more specific knowledge such as fundamental/technical analysis, building DCF models, trading futures and options, and learning various portfolio and risk management techniques.

In addition, our members interested in the stock market can also absorb a range of subjective knowledge that are not available to the general public, as we hold a weekly Friday Market Meetup event where we invite the most prominent figures in the Hungarian investment profession for an informal discussion about the markets, their work and various economic issues. We’ve hosted a number of famous fund managers, as well as members of the MNB Monetary Council.

Our activities are also very broad, with professional output from our members taking many forms: the student organization has its own blog, members’ articles are often picked up by well-known economic/stock market news portals, and we also regularly produce other contents such as podcasts and weekly newsletters. One of our largest volume events, which are also open to the public, are the opening and closing lectures, that are usually panel discussions on a topic of our choice, with distinguished speakers. As our priority is to create a community that stays together for the long term, there is no shortage of team-building activities either.

The Talent Program of BIC 

( 1 quarter = 1 semester )

BIC’s Talent Program offers you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the capital markets and become a successful analyst, consultant, investor, broker, trader or even banker. As well as deepening your theoretical knowledge, we focus on practical skills, and you will also have the opportunity to meet a number of companies that are major players in the financial industry.

Introduction to the world of stock markets

Basic professional education and knowledge of stock markets   

Getting to know different departments through our onboarding trainings 

Study and write professional articles  

Integration into the stock market (active market monitoring) 

Exploring our career paths

Professional training on fundamental and technical analysis, securities law and
stock exchange settlement rules 

Explore career paths through company visits and in-house presentations with some of the
industry’s most renowned brokers, portfolio managers and analysts

Virtual portfolio management competition 

Professional immersion

Deeper professional education on portfolio management and DCF analysis   

Education tailored to your career path   

Writing articles and analysis for our own blog   

Virtual portfolio management competition 

Preparation for your career

Deeper professional education on futures and options products, markets   

Free choice of soft skill trainings 

Writing articles for leading economic websites   

Virtual portfolio management competition 

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