Who do you find here?

Youth Business Group members are the innovators of our time, achieving breakthrough results in their fields.

They are committed,

because they don’t just make it done, they experience the joy of creating.

They are success-oriented individuals,

who experience their achievements in a community.

They are challenge seekers,

because they look into the future and they solve the problems of the present in the same time

They are responsible and accountable.

They are heroes of their generation.

How do they become this?

The success of the Youth Business Group has been unbroken since 2017. The success of the Talent Program, which has been running since its inception, is reflected in the hundreds of students who now supplement their traditional university education. Each of our student organizations brings together the best in their field on campus.

Our student organizations are grouped into franchises based on their field of interest. Through student organizations, members of the different student organizations learn about each other and best practice across cities and borders. These human connections create deep friendships and valuable professional network during and after university.

Youth Business Group is determined to fully support our professional talent communities, which is why the YBG HQ provides financial, legal and above all organizational and administrative support to all our student organizations. We aim to develop skills, complement university studies, promote social responsibility and provide career guidance.

Every working hour counts, so we track the performance of our members and their teams in our proprietary ERP system. They can visually track their progress against pre-defined expectations.

Would you like to work with us?

Talent Program

Participate in our training scheme.


Value-creating joint projects, long-term strategic partnerships

Financial and other contributions

As a not-for-profit social start-up, through financial supports, we are able to provide the Talent Program for more and more young people every year free of charge.

Our partners have said

"The activity of Youth Business Group is unique, its members are professional, creative and always proactive. We are looking for people like that at BAT, which is why it is so easy to work together. And in our collaborations, we are able to build valuable relationships with our target group, quite a few of whom have already tried their hand as trainees with us."

"Our cooperation with Youth Business Group and with one of their student organization, called Budapest Business Club over the years has brought many positive benefits to our organization, including seeing a number of members in trainee and career start positions. If there is one thing that we would highlight from the collaboration that we are passionate about, it would be the opportunity to meet with the membership in person - or virtually if the situation demands - and support them in their career development."

"Our company has been working with the enthusiastic students of the Budapest Business Club for years. We do this because we believe in the shared values of our organization and the BBC and in the development we see in the participants each semester. We see BBC students excel in business thinking, presentation skills, event management and in community life as well. For all these reasons, we hope to see you on our company visits, negotiation simulations or even in our training sessions."