We are pleased to introduce you to YBG’s first engineering-oriented student organization, the Academy of Creative Engineers (ACE).

ACE is a student organization established at the University of Óbuda, at its Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering, with the aim of creating an unique community. A community of students who want to build a conscious future for themselves. The organization not only allows creative engineering students to develop in their own professional fields, but also gives them an insight into the basics of corporate operations and management.

With the help of its partners, ACE offers for the members the opportunity to participate in the Talent Program, a four-semester training program where technical theory from university is complemented by high-level business and management skills.

The organization also places a high value on networking, and offers you the opportunity to meet its corporate partners in person and introduce yourself to them. It also organizes a series of inspirational and entertaining lectures every six months, where you can hear first-hand from successful speakers about the experiences that have helped them achieve their goals.

ACE is looking for ambitious, motivated and interested students who want to get more out of their university years and want the personal development they need to achieve their professional goals. If you think you are one of them, please apply!


Talent Program of ACE

( 1 layer = 1 semester )

Our unique four-semester long training program will help you to find your place in the labour market after graduation, complementing your skills with management and entrepreneurial knowledge. The aim of the organization is to give you the opportunity to explore as many management and entrepreneurial pathways as possible in your field of expertise, while developing your skills in a wide range of areas to become an excellent professional, an outstanding manager or even the founder of a successful business. ACE is determined to support you as a creative, purpose-driven engineer of the future!

Basics of organizational dunctioning

Getting to know the basic workings of the organization

Weekly group case studies:
Marketing, event management, recruitment and selection

Meetings with market players and company visits

Team building

Basics of management

In addition to carrying out the core activities of a student organization:

Meetings with entrepreneurs and managers in the field of interest

Hard- and soft-skill training, project management

Management training: business economics, functional areas


Introduction to leadership

Meetings with entrepreneurs and managers in the field

Leadership training, project management

Methodological training

Practical project implementation


Career preparation

Self branding training; CV consulting; Interview technique training

Academic competition and thesis preparation

Leadership training, strategy and business plan development



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